Vilano Beach / North Bank

Minimum Resources for Haven: 4 Feeding Difficulty: 6

Vilano waterfront
Easily the richest section of the city, Vilano Beach / North Bank divides itself between the offices of high power marketing and advertising firms, broad streets and shopping districts, small quiant little parks next to million dollar condo high-rises, and a half-dozen casinos. Living in North Bank isn’t simply a sign of wealth, it is a statement that you are conspicuous about it.

The Avalon Club

Vilano avalon club
Membership in the Avalon Club is very exclusive. Featuring a bar, poker room and billiards, the Avalon caters to the highest cut of clientele. Most of the city is unaware of its existence, and no one is allowed without a membership or as a guest of a member. The club also features numerous smaller lounges for members who require some privacy for the evening.

The Fashion District

Whatever the latest is, the Fashion District in North Bank has it. Custom boutiques, creative studios and high-price stores line this section of South Ponte Vedra Blvd, and hosts regular fashion shows and exposes on the best, while nearby art galleries cater to the most expensive, if not the most refined, tastes.

Vilano Beach / North Bank

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