Minimum Resources for Haven: 4 Feeding Difficulty: 6

Downtown 001 nights of lights

Downtown Saint Augustine is an exercise in vertical excess. Buildings stretch toward the sky, sheathed in gargoyles, and cement, and steel, and the bold tessellations of art deco designs. These canyons house the heart of the city – finance, banking, trade of all sorts. The business of Carthage is truly business, and these buildings are built to convey the sheer power that you walk amongst there.

Monument Mile

The keystone of the Downtown area, this section of Cathedral & King Streets is better known as Monument Mile. Every major company, from Atlas Motors to high powered law firms, strives to have a place on Monument Mile. So named because of the sweeping plazas decorated with bold statues, the historic buildings side-by-side with sweeping skyscrapers, Parks and other iconic fixtures, one after another.

Torrington Tower

Downtown 002 torrington tower
Torrington Tower rises like an obsidian monolith from one end of Monument Mile. The building is black tinted glass, black marble and black metal, situated in a dignified plaza before a shining often-polished statue of a victorious angel, set high on a black pedestal. It is the international headquaters of the Torrington Group, a proud member of the military-industrial complex specializing in arms and defense equipment for a world that shows no lack of hunger for its products.

Flagler Plaza

Home to the Flagler College, as well as several other offices, the plaza is a set of four skyscrapers of varying heights in the middle of downtown, the centerpiece of Monument Mile. The plaza itself is a popular destination with both tourists and locals, with the massive tree-shaded central courtyard featuring a reflecting pool and art deco fountain showing Henry Flagler and the spirits of innovation and progress pouring out bounty. In the winter, the pool is converted into an ice rink.


Downtown 003 castillo
One of the oldest standing structures in Saint Augustine, the Castillo de San Marco was renovated in 1968, covered over with a roof, and the museum turned into a night-club. Castillo is considered Elysium.

Waterfront Park

Downtown 004 waterfront The work of mid-twentieth century patrons, Waterfront Park is a slim greenbelt hugging the river. Marked with stands of trees, several duck ponds and jogging paths, with a wide cement walk and metal chain fence buttressing against the river. A pricey and exclusive restaurant, Santa Maria on the Water, built on the remains of an 18th-century boat dock, sits on the river.


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