Tag: Ventrue


  • Celio Pena

    Unquestioned ruler of New Paris since its founding. Embraced by Titanus Kronos. Pena is a Spaniard who came with the original expedition to the Americas and had some experiences exploring the continent prior to his embrace.

  • Juno Queneau

    Also sired by Titanus Kronos, Juno Queneau is the wife of Prince Celio. She first came to the New World - and to Saint Augustine - with the Huguenot pilgrims, and was embraced by Kronos at the behest of Celio, who was instantly and madly in love with her …

  • Cassidy Ferrer

    Childe of Juno Queneau, Cassidy has been lame since childhood and cannot walk without aid - usually in the form of his crutches. Cassidy is a ludicrously talented metalsmith, craftsman and artisan; and he was embraced by Juno to spite the Toreador who …