Tag: Nosferatu


  • Katungi

    Nosferatu lord of the undercity, and source of the infamous, rumored Gatorman. Katungi serves as Nosferatu primogen, but derides the title and position, and shuns Kindred society.

  • Varun Apalala

    Varun shares a sire with Katungi, and shares his bed with Magali - though he remains somewhat less than faithful. Varun is a Hindi immigrant who owns Apalala Grocery, and whose domain consists of all of Little Delhi and the Docks on the facing shore of …

  • Persephone

    The biological daughter of Zyta Ceres, Persephone was embraced by Katungi and is blood-bound to him. She rarely comes up from the Undercity, where she cares for a large homeless population that also serves as her herd.

  • Megali

    The wife of Varun Apalala, Megali spends most of her time on the boats in the Intercoastal, or with the sailors and fishermen at one of Saint Augustine's many seaside bars.