Charlie Bright

A small, pale child with bright green eyes, dressed in comfortable clothes, with a small scar on her forehead - just above the bridge of her nose.


Image: Charlie Bright is a cute enough girl of about 10-years old. She dresses well in stylish, but comfortable clothes, usually jeans and a long-sleeved pull-over. Charlie sometimes wears a camouflage ball cap or a light head-scarf to hide the small scar on her forehead; but usually, she seems to just pretend it’s not there.

Charlie Bright’s Aura is Pale, like a Vampire’s, but with a vibrant halo or after-image, making her seem more ghoul than Kindred – whatever she is, she’s more alive than dead. Those who have seen the Aura of a Werewolf would be reminded of that. Her aura is predominantly White, with streaks of Light Blue and Yellow with flecks of Gold and barely visible veins of Black interspersed throughout.

Roleplaying Hints: Your purpose in life is to bring enlightenment to as many people around you – kindred and kine alike. To that end, most of your effort is expended teaching and guiding those willing to listen. You are keenly aware that your very existence is cause for destruction in the eyes of many kindred, so you couch your lessons on the Path to Golconda in more mundane, generic terms – hoping to lead others to find the way on their own.


Charlie Bright came to Saint Augustine with her Mentor, [:Diana Stone] in 1910. Together, they purchased the old Amory Theater and converted into their church – the organization that would become the Bright Center for Excellence.

Since Diana’s demise, Charlie has served as the director of the Bright Center and its inspirational figurehead. Officially, the Bright Group chooses a new child to serve as its guru every few years. In practice, the “Ascended Child” is perceived by her followers as an immortal master – a miracle worker who teaches others to follow her into enlightenment.

Though clearly not mortal, Charlie Bright stays just under the radar of the local Kindred, and manages to avoid becoming involved in local politics – working almost entirely through her followers.

Charlie Bright

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